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The following videos are simply fascinating. I came across them while surfing on the net and I thought to myself that these are way to good not to share with you.  I think they are quite inspirational.

Annie Sloan - Chalk Paint® tutorial No.1 - 
one-colour distressing technique with dark wax

Annie Sloan - Chalk Paint® tutorial No.2 - 
two-colour distressing technique with clear wax

Steampunk DIY Industrial Pipe Lamp #1

Steampunk DIY Industrial Pipe Lamp #2

Upcycled Glass Lamps

DIY Mason Jar Light - 25 Mason Jar Crafts Ideas

15 DIY Projects That Will Make Your House Look Amazing

The following is an article, not a video. I found it on Lonny magazine and it looks easy and interesting enough to give it a go!

Giant macrame of rope for lights


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