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ABOUT the BLOG Te Esse by Velvet 

Velvet and Elisabeth are sisters, moms and design addicts with an engineering discipline who believe that
True beauty is never perfect!
They share their passion for design, eclectic trends and "out of the box" spaces, and love any style that is an outcome of diversity and individuality. They also enjoy good living, travel, style, arts, fashion, and parenting as much as any other girl. So, this is their joint project that began with an emphasis on simple, honest design, but aspires to grow steadily into something much bigger - a journey where they share ideas, inspiration sources, trends and tips that celebrate living. They seek to be your source of fun, creative, intriguing inspiration that will brighten your life. Please, make sure you also check out our privacy policy.


Velvet is in this industry for 20 years. Her commitment to the creative process she has developed over the years has helped her build an inner confidence to explore possibilities without the factor of "fear". She began this blog as a means to express her views on design, hoping that it will become a reliable resource for your projects. She is the curator of this blog. She scouts the web for design and branding trends, DIY projects, imagery on architecture, art, travel, new materials and technological advances, fashion, quotes, fun reading links and anything that gets under her skin. She also consults in interior design projects and refurbishments. Visit her official page or check out a few featured projects that she was involved in.


Elisabeth is the senior contributor in this project. She keeps things running smoothly in every possible way including anything that might go wrong! But she's mainly the driving force in making this blog even better. She has a great eye for what is needed to complete the ensemble. She also handles most of the social media and manages all the preparations that go into the posts.


We love to hear from you should you wish to share with us any ideas, thoughts, concerns, likes and/or dislikes. We are interested in anything that can improve this blogging experience for you and us. Please feel free to write to Velvet and Elisabeth at


We love working with businesses and creating partnerships. Please email Velvet at for more information.


You can find us on Facebook,TwitterPinterestInstagram and Google+. You can also subscribe and stay in touch with us.

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