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Happy Weekend's Fun Reading

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Schools are out for summer! And every kid is looking forward to some playtime at the beach, including mine. Therefore, I will try to take them to the beach this weekend and let them go wild...They need some free play time with water fights and sand  pits, lots of ice-cream, and bike rides. So, I will try to squeeze my work load and make more time for them, because our summers must be unforgettable... But, at night time when they've gone to bed, it is perfect for some fun reading. Here's a roundup of this week's most fun links from the web. 

This link is about the best dinosaur fossil found by accident in Canada. Pretty cool.

They say everything comes back in fashion. Even fanny packs. Yes, they're back! And my guess is that we'll be seeing a lot of them this coming fall.

This might ring a bell to some of us: 80's fashion, the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

These are the best excuses for sleeping at work. Ha, ha, real funny!

Are you wearing eyeglasses by any chance like me? These are 8 make up mistakes we should avoid then.

Are you a keen gardener or do you look the other way when it comes to watering a plant? Here's a guide suitable for every skilled or not plant lover.

Amazing surreal optical illusions from doodles on a sketchbook. It's incredible, so don't skip it!

If you're a surf lover, then this one is for you: the world's best 20 surf towns.

Some great photography tips about travel photos that every photographer should know.

And, one more thing: a recipe! I found this super quick pizza recipe from Jamie Oliver that we should all give a try. It looks super easy!

Have a great one,


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