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Fun Reading for a Fabulous Weekend

Pin of the Week from my Pinterest Board: Inspirational spaces

This is a much awaited long weekend (for us living in Greece) and it is finally around the corner. Some of you will be lucky enough to travel to the islands...Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Spetses. But, it doesn't really matter where you go or don't go, as long as you spend quality fun time with your loved ones. And if you do happen to want to do some fun reading, then here are some links I have picked to share with you...

Have any of you had a "bad" travel experience - a story that you'll tell for years to come? Well this is one of those stories about getting a thai massage. Hilarious reading!

I'm a big fan of black and white photography hence, my favorite Pinterest board is named photos to love. This is a most inspiring black and white photography post from which I have pinned most of them to my board!

Since, we're into photos, these are spectacular photos of Jupiter released by NASA.

Here are 17 quick hair styling ideas in 60'' to help you look your best.

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen more beautiful birdhouses than these inspired by historic architecture.

All the classic movies you have to see before you turn 30! or 40!!

Now, some of you out there are fans of Greek cuisine. "Mousaka" is an old-time classic dish. So, here's a recipe for mousaka without the calories!!!

Next, is a video I saw at a friend's of mine Facebook wall and I thought, 'Wow, all moms have to watch this one!' So, I dedicate it to all mothers who can hack anything...

Before I go, I'd like to tell you a quick word about the 3rd Pop Up Project: Under the Greek Sun. This year was the first time Elisabeth and I attended this event and we spent almost three hours of going from stand to stand admiring the creativity and craftsmanship of Greek designers. We even bought ourselves a few stuff. Specifically we both bought two beautiful beach bags while Elisabeth could not resist buying a pair of earrings and a beautiful tea-light holder from the Meissen stand (and we were delighted that it was quite affordable too). It was an event that attracted lots of people and for a good reason. Congrats to the event coordinators and participant designers. We'll be seeing you again next year for more.

Images clockwise from top left corner: Jewelry stand 'Treasure Box by Annita,' Beach bags by Sandra Sevastou, Dinnerware by Meissen, Textiles from the 'Take me to the Beach Collection by Gouladris,' sunflowers by the coffee rest area, Throw pillows from the Goulandris Collection

Enjoy your looong weekend!


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