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Stylish Outdoor Living

Summertime...and the living is easy! 

The temperature has gone up and I'm in a wanderlust mood. Since I can't go on vacation yet, I will improvise. So, I'm planning to create a nice, comfy outdoor nook for me, my family and friends to chill with every chance we get. It will be a great opportunity to get creative and change my everyday routine while spending more time outdoors. That way I will enjoy more my home but at the same time it will feel like I'm on vacation the moment I step out. It will be like having the best of both worlds. 

Outdoor setup by the beach, with a canopy, kilim rugs, bean bags in Thasos, Greece
Chilling by the seaside in Thasos, Greece. Source:

Outdoor living

I believe that we all NEED to be more outdoors. The lack of time is a serious hick-up. A possible traffic jam is a put-off and a crowd packed venue is usually a recipe for failure. Personally, I like the privacy and comforts of my own home-chill-out zone where my mind will feel free to travel and marvel. The trick though, is to create effortlessly an easy outdoor living setup as an extension of your home whether it's your balcony, a roof terrace, a patio, the backyard, or a garden. It's all about being comfortable outdoors. It's about a mind escapade to an easy living. Sounds good, huh! All you need is your imagination and some props i.e. big throw pillows, poufs, bean bags, a hammock, a bench, candles, candle holders, sun deck chairs, stools, sheer flowy curtains and an organic rug for you to sit on, walk barefoot on and even lie upon to gaze the moon. (Lounge music in the background would be an awesome bonus). I have compiled a selection of photos from different setups to inspire you and get you too into the right mood.

a white washed roof terrace with a kilim rug, bench and stool
A roof terrace "dressed" with a kilim rug. Source:

Bright poufs and a bright, striped kilim rug standing out pretty in a beautiful whitewashed outdoor nook
A beautiful whitewashed nook showcases its striped kilim rug and accessories. Source:

A small balcony with an outdoor living setup including a small grey rug
A balcony with an easy living attitude

Outdoor boho chic setting by Emily Henderson for a baby shower
A lovely boho chic outdoor setup by Emily Henderson. Source: 

Outdoor setting with two recliners and rugs by a pool
A gorgeous contemporary setup. Source:

Outdoor setup by a pool with a coral rug
By the pool. Source: 

My outdoor setup consists basically of two white Ikea outdoor lounge armchairs, two throw pillows and an off black leather bean bag. (Let me make a little note here that I'm trying to persuade my husband, George, to get rid of this bean bag for ages. It's one of those things that men keep forever and you simply can't figure out why, so I might as well put in "some" good use)! However, I'm missing a textile like an organic rug that will set the mood just like in the photos. The advantage of an organic rug whether it is made of jute, hemp, cotton, or silk, is that it is an all seasons rug (YES, ALL SEASONS)! That's awesome because they can be used as much indoors as outdoors (except of the all silk kind that are only for indoors). Most of them are structured in a flat weave for underfoot comfort thus, enhancing their versatility and "freshness" quality for they have a less "compact" traditional look. So a rug like that is a must, as it adds that indoor homey appeal to these setups, inviting you to get seriously comfortable.

Since I don't have the luxury to waste time with two kids and several projects underhand (including this blog), I prefer to shop from my local market. It supports my local community, while I receive the benefits of a friendly customer service from people that I regard as professional experts. As such, I chose to go to my local rug dealer at Xali Glyfada. The owner, Argyriou, is a rug dealer with deep knowledge and understanding of the rug industry and her well trained eye will surely guide me through this process painlessly (perhaps you'll be interested in reading about the latest trends of the rug industry here). There are so many choices; that's unbelievable. So, I will narrow it down to just a few styles.

Style Pretty

Left image: An open space with a kilim rug, low modular sofa and Moroccan style accessories. Right image: a kilim from Xali Glyfada's Collection.
A bohemian with Moroccan style accessories setup on the left. Source:
A similar kilim rug from Xali Glyfada's Collection

I'm in between two styles: bohemian and contemporary industrial. A boho chic style requires texture, patterns and colors (not necessarily bold ones though). A kilim rug would be just the right thing to add vibrance. If you happen to have Moroccan style accessories, which I don't, then a kilim rug will change the setup into an exotic getaway. It is quite irresistible!

Their gorgeous folk art patterns, add an artistic edge showcasing any minimal interior or exterior space. But, if the idea of structured geometric patterns doesn't become you then a patchwork rug is another option. I always liked patchworks because it's like an art collage. Different size patches in various shades, colors and patterns come together as one to enhance an eclectic style. Their muted color palette has made them more appealing than ever before. For the bold ones, there is also the option of overdyed patchwork rugs. If you're looking though for real glam, then contemporary vintage designer rugs are just the thing for you. Designers feature classic design patterns with a distinctive modern take and updated colors that don't go unnoticed. They are exciting and super trendy. I totally fell in love with the blue and black Jan Kath rug that I'm showing you below.     

A pale patchwork rug used outdoors with Moroccan accessories
Source: Photos by Carolina Guzink Photography 

Two muted pale color patchwork rugs from Xali Glyfada
Two versions of muted color patchwork rugs from Xali Glyfada's Collection

Left image: A contemporary indoor setting looking outwards to the garden with a designer rug in the living room. Right image is a Jan Kath blue and black vintage rug
Contemporary setting on the left by SAOTA architecture
A Jan Kath contemporary vintage rug from Xali Glyfada's Collection

Despite the temptation to go boho chic or for a contemporary vintage style, I think it's probably best for me to get a soft hemp rug that is almost uniform in color (a solid color block). Many of them come in neutral shades for a clean and polished look. Neutral shades, as you know, act as a great foundation for layering. However, they also come in bolder and more vibrant hues i.e. coral, mustard, blues, or off black. Note that the "blue" rugs  are making a strong justified comeback and are gaining popularity in trendy contemporary settings. They are fresh and elegant and come in so many cool shades. Personally I love the off black hue because it boosts the industrial look I'm after. In any case, adding a block of color like that creates a contemporary lively style with a twist. It makes a statement!

Hopen Place by Whipple Russel

Three contemporary rugs. Blue on the left, off white in the middle and off black on the right. All from Xali Glyfada's collection
Three contemporary rugs (blue, off white, off black) from Xali Glyfada's Collection

Dare to think-out-of-the-box

I'm really excited about my outdoor easy living project. Summer is such a great season to be outdoors and I want to make the most of it. Unfortunately, most of us have only a couple of weeks off for vacation. Hopefully, our vacation spot will offer us the desired relaxation and fun we're after. But, why wait for our holidays when we can transform any available outdoor space into the ultimate chill-out-zone. It's entirely up to us to think out-of-the-box and take action. Let's invest in that. If its alright to walk barefoot and lie down on kilim rugs at some beach bar resort then, it's alright to do the same at home. It makes no difference if you have a small balcony, a roof terrace or a backyard. It's all about attitude. Yes, our attitude towards our life choices. The possibilities are endless, so why waste any time hesitating? So, I 'm off to run now! Drop me a line and let me know your plans.

(P.S. This is a sponsored post by Xali Glyfada but the content and views are as always 100% mine. Thank you for your support in helping Te Esse by Velvet continue its journey in a world of design and style).


  1. thank you for the lovely ideas !! i want to try these suggestions for sure !!

    1. You're most welcome! Please drop me a line and let me know how it turns out for you...

  2. Lovely pictures! Particularly love the kilims!!! So colourful and stylish...

    1. Thanks... I also love kilim rugs. Their pattern, their color combinations, their texture makes them unique. I consider them true works of art. They're definitely "style setters." :)

  3. I just fell in love with that kilim rug from "copycat the look". It's absolutely gorgeous! WoW! Nice post, lovely ideas!

    1. I know what you mean. It's just beautiful. Thanks for your kind comment.


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