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Fun Reading for a Great Weekend

A pool overlooking the Aegean Sea in Santorini Cyclades
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The weekend is finally here. Elisabeth and I will be attending a Greek designers' event on Saturday, the Pop Up Project: Under the Greek Sun. Jewelry and fashion designers will be showcasing their latest creations. We really look forward to that and we'll be reporting back to you all about it very soon. Meanwhile, let me share with you some fun links from around the web to make your day or better yet your weekend...

How to chill wine in under 3 minutes. That's quite handy to know especially now in the summer. I strongly recommend chilled white wine with summer fruits on the side like, melon, peach and grapes. Just fabulous!

It's too early for me to hit the beach, but for the braves out there check out some great wet beach hair styles.

This is the most ridiculous clean up trick I've ever read about...Let me know if it works!

I don't think anyone really likes insults, so I'm not sure why would anyone want to learn how to insult food by Ramsay Gordon... Still it's funny!

Check out these jaw dropping photos from a drone! Amazing, huh?!

Beautiful vintage baby names that are on the comeback... (my favorite is Aurelia).

For the fashion addicts...check out who wore what in the Cannes 2017.

How to burn calories no matter what you do sounds good and promising... Actually I've been doing that up-and-down exercise while brushing my teeth for ages now, but never thought that I was burning calories while at it! Well, what do you know?!

See how celebrities' eyebrows have changed since the 90s. I'm desperately trying to get mine back on track, how about you? Did you also do that mistake?

Have a look at the "Humans of New York" Gala. Beautiful people dressed beautifully.

This is an awesome wallpaper! Truly inspiring...

And after all that reading, the best margarita coctail is in order.

Quote of the Week

Have a good weekend,


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