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Home Improvements Chapter 3 - Update on Inspiring Entrances

The entrance way and its door set the mood you wish to convey onto your friends. It tells everyone the kind of person you are. It may even act as a display of a talent of yours! Basically, they reflect you. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to grab someone's attention and express oneself.

A great example of a well-lit entrance with a double-wooden door creating a well framed "opening" in this stone fascade.  The beautiful planters help highlight the entryway. 

Since this is an update on an earlier post, I will not analyze it much further at this point. Instead, I have selected some inspiring photos that will give you ideas should you wish to reinvent your main entrance.

A beautiful example of an entrance whose synthesis is well planned out and balanced.  The wooden door is well framed within steel "bookends." The bench is priceless.  The lighting stands out because of its size thus, making a strong impact.  Last but not least, the planter creates a sense of symmetry and livens it all up.

A traditional black door

Accessories such as doorbells, handles, wreaths, planters, sculptures, custom-made doormats, benches and pillows with typography, canopies, railings are your weaponry. There is one element though that is the most essential -- lighting. Pick your lighting carefully.

The rocking chair is an exceptional personal touch.  Most welcoming!

A beautiful example of a minimal layout!
A minimal wooden door

Keep your entrance simple by picking two or three elements that will make it stand out. Too much clutter is unnecessary. Remember to keep a sense of balance, while symmetry always has a great impact. Simplicity, symmetry, and balance will deliver a harmonious synthesis.

An art deco example of an entrance.  Simplicity reigns!



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