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Editor's picks

This week I came across some new objects I liked and I wished to share with you.

1) A custom doormat with your last name on it. That's a cool idea!


2) A crochet hanging chair. I would love one of these for my patio.


3) A Turkish vintage handmade Kilim rug! I thought it was fairly priced considering its size and good condition. Its earthly colors are amazing. I simply love it!


4) An industrial desk by Kare Design.

5) Seeds for a bonsai tree! The color is stunning.


For us locals: Check out this vase I found at MARVELPLANT (59 Kyprou str. Esperidon square) for 64 Euros. It happens to be in the same color family as the color's of the year 2017! Karma! They also have some amazing Christmas decorations that got me in a holiday spirit.

source:  Velvet K

That's all for this week folks! I would love to hear from you. Till next time!

Note: None of these picks are sponsored. They have been selected randomly. Always check with supplier before placing your order. We have no liability if the prices or availability of these objects change without notice.


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