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Editor's picks

These are objects I stumbled upon while surfing on the net that I liked. They are great style additions to your space. So, here we go:

1) A great gift for a friend or even yourself for your newborn bundle of joy!


2) Two ceramic knobs for a cabinet, a dresser or a closet. A detail that can make the difference between a "boring" cabinet door or a door that reflects your personality. The right one with the blue tangier design on it is my favorite, but then again it is difficult to resist the "freshness" of a yellow detail.


3) A pendant lighting! A very interesting design at an interesting price. It will look great in a TV room since it has the option of "transforming" into an atmospheric lighting by pulling its cords.


4) A floor lamp! I'm not absolutely certain of its price, however if you can afford it then it is a beautiful piece for your living room even if you don't live in a loft!

(Please contact them to verify price)

If then again you don't want to buy anything well here's an idea for you. Just add a touch of color in your kitchen as I did with humble but beautiful veggies and fruits on display. They act as a reminder of the earth's kind richness.

Fresh lime, tomatoes and apples on display on my kitchen counter

Have a great weekend!

Note: None of these picks are sponsored. They have been selected randomly. Always check with supplier before placing your order. We have no liability if the prices or availability of these objects change without notice.


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