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Dynamic Store Displays (update)

Creating a store window display is a very creative process. One needs a touch of imagination and the aid of a few usually cheap props to make a window display stand out of the competition.

I think everyone knows the tale of Snowqueen.  So this is a great example of a "familiarity punch!"  Our minds will fill in the blanks...

Bloomingdale's on 59th Street
A magical setup!  A dancing couple - now that's a dynamic image!

A dynamic image that involves the notion of movement will instantly upgrade your front display. Another powerful tool of a dynamic image is the recreation of an image where ordinary people are doing things such as walking, cycling, fencing, shooting hoops, or whatever else you want. The interaction among other people makes this image even more powerful. It creates a "familiar punch" in the consumer's head.

A window from Harrod's 2015

Imagine this... Season: Fall. 
Setting: Where? A hiking trail in a National Park. 
Who? A group of friends.
Doing what? Walking or cycling or even both down the trail while chatting with one another.

Props requiredA poster with the image of a hiking trail as a backdrop. (Tree tops if any should preferably be orange). Two or more mannequins. A bicycle, perhaps. Backpacks and or walking sticks.

The image you should recreate is something like this. The mannequins ought be dressed with the complimentary clothing (jackets, jeans, sweats, shirts, hiking boots etc. Next, I would place them as if they are walking down the trail alongside chatting to each other. One of them could be carrying a bike. Their faces would be facing as if they would be chatting. And that's it!

Usually, I do not like seeing mannequins starring at point blank out the window display. I do not really think that people (prospective customers) relate to them enough. I surely have a hard time to. What if instead they are just ordinary people like us, who look stylish yet, who happen to be hiking nearby! Would that not be more engaging with us consumers? Use an image like the one below and try to recreate it.

An example of a front window display where the setup suggest a ride outdoors -- similar to the theme above!
In this example it feels like the mannequin (see posture) is about to leave on an expedition.  Maybe a little too static but still it implies an action that is about to happen.

Now if your setup is inspirational then people who have never gone hiking in any national park before, might consider walking in your stream-style retail clothing in the nearest city park! Dynamic imaging is about engaging one's attention into a piece of action whether that's story telling or dancing or participating in an event.

"Story telling" - A window from Harrod's 2015

So use your imagination and I'm sure that you won't go wrong!



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