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Store displays

There is something about the dynamics of an image that always captivates and fascinates me!  It is the insinuation of an ongoing process, the suggestion that something is happening right now and hey, 'I'm only just a step away!'  That's just what I'm looking for in a store frontwindow/display.  


Your store display must stand out in order to beat the competition.  It must be impressive with a huge impact.  


It is just like a book cover.  A unique and well-planned store display is more likely to attract customers to come in.  So play around with it!  
These are some basic guidance rules.
  • Choose a theme.  A good starting point are any upcoming holidays, i.e. Halloween. If you do not change your display very often then, concentrate on the seasons, i.e. fall. During fall, the treetops become orange, the leaves fall, pumpkins ripen, nuts are gathered.  Let your display act as a reminder of all the beautiful changes that take place during this season.  It is a great time to go hiking or cycling and so on.  Create a story!

  • Based on your theme, build on the emotion you want to project, i.e. joy, serenity, intensity etc.
  • Organize your products in your available space.  Create a focal point, i.e. a peephole. Make sure you place them at your eye level, the passerby's level and of course a child's level.

  • Create cohesive wholes.  A stack of similar elements makes a strong impact.
  • Repeat your brand color, image or shape.  It creates an emphasis on your identity.
  • Use proper lighting!  No one bothers with a dim display.
  • Work with contrasts:  volumes, colors, trends.
  • Use attractive props to setup your theme, i.e. hats, baskets, wreaths, vinyls, candles, umbrellas, chairs, tables, mirrors, frames etc.  Anything goes.

  • Employ motion -- our brain instinctively responds intensely to motion, i.e. a toy train running on tracks.
  • Last but not least:  Turn your scheme into a dynamic one!

Experiment with your display and creativity will eventually kick in.  In any case, I will talk you through an example of a dynamic display in an upcoming post.  So, stay tuned...


  1. Does a dynamic store display mean more expensive?

    1. Surely not necessarily. Many times our creativity reaches its peak when working with a low budget. Remember to strip your story to its bare essentials. The customers will fill in the blanks!


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