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Remodeling partially an old apartment without undergoing a full blown renovation, in order to keep the budget down, is to say the least tricky. What do you keep, what do you alter, what do you add? Projects like these are usually the most challenging - innovation within a budget! I'm just a step away from completing such a project right now. It is about a 30 something year old apartment with an amazing sea view, that has underwent a small scale makeover some fifteen years ago. This is a brief presentation of photographs taken before, during and after the makeover. 

View of the partition wall after its makeover with the blinds tilted in order to look through into the kitchen.

View of the wooden partition wall that separates the living room from the kitchen and the remaining house.
Original view from the lounge to the kitchen

View of the partition wall after its makeover. It was painted in a muted gray-blue shade, had custom made built in bottle cases and blinds done. Thus, one can look through into the kitchen behind.
View from the lounge to the kitchen after the makeover. The partition wall was given some treatment before it was coated in a muted grey-blue shade. Built-in blinds in the center and two bottle cases were custom-made.

The first task was to make decisions on what stays and what goes; basically I set the priorities based on the tenant's low budget. All the damages of the hardboard floors were repaired. Since lighting is one of the essential elements in any space, new lighting was installed everywhere. All the rooms were redone, including the doors and frames. Air conditioning units were installed in every space. Satellite, cable TV and security alarm were also installed. Within the framework of a "decoration touch-up" old curtains were modified for the two bedrooms while, new roman blinds were made for the lounge and roller blinds were in installed in the kitchen. New vases, pillows, throws and mirrors, dressers and shelves were added to complement in the most eclectic way, the tenant's existing furnishing. (Please note that no photographs are shown of the final stage - setup and decoration, in order to respect the client's wish for privacy).

The partition wall that served no other purpose rather than simply separating the lounge from the rest of the rooms was "modified" by introducing bottle cases and blinds. In front of the modified wall, a tall table with three bar-stools will be placed to create a "conversation piece," thus creating a new function for this partition -- a bar!

View of the inside of the kitchen during its makeover.  Two bottle cases were created at the sides and three blinds in the middle in order to create a sense of privacy only when required.

Changing all the kitchen cabinetry would be very expensive, so I pinpointed that the tiled walls in the kitchen were the most unsightly element in this kitchen. Therefore, I decided to "convert" them in into blackboards without actually doing any demolishing, while keeping the cost really low. Inox surfaces were added behind the cooker and sink for easier cleaning.    

Two views of part of a kitchen before and during. On the left is the kitchen with its original tiles and on the right the tiles that have been transformed into blackboards.
Makeover of the kitchen. Intermediate stages. The tiles on the wall and splashdrop have been converted into blackboards.

View of the kitchen with the blinds in the middle part that allow viewing of the living space.
View of the inside of the kitchen after makeover is almost completed.  The built-in blinds allow viewing of the living space. The old lighting under the cabinetry was replaced by a led-line.   
View of the living room through the new blinds of the kitchen.
Viewing of the living room through the blinds of the kitchen

View of the kitchen through the built-in blinds from the living room
Looking through the built-in blinds from the living room into the kitchen

The most eye-catching feature of the lounge, a two-sided fireplace, was modified in order to update it and highlight. Wood logs were to be placed at the bottom left-hand side of the fireplace where it was once a cabinet. It was painted in an almost black color; the color of steel to give a more rough yet, refined modern feel to it.

View of the fireplace originally. There's a cabinet on the bottom left and built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace.
The fireplace originally.  A bookcase on the right-hand side of the fireplace was removed altogether thus, highlighting the fact that this is a two-sided fireplace. The left bookcase was modified as to include two glass shelves with a spotlight on the top.

View of the fireplace before its decoration. Timber logs on the bottom left corner. Top right part of the fireplace are two lit shelves.
The fireplace after makeover was completed, BUT before its decoration began.

View of the living room
The living room while getting decorated. 

Now, in a thirty-year something old apartment it is almost compulsory to invest in new plumbing and wiring. Their life expectancy lies anywhere between 30 to 40 years. This is one of those projects that you must do properly -- do not try to take shortcuts around this cost! Therefore, the bathroom was completely remodeled and now it accommodates for a washing machine along with a storage cabinet for all the toiletries.

View of the bathroom originally before its renovation.
View of the bathroom before its renovation.

View of the vanity and shower of the renovated bathroom.
The renovated bathroom. The door glass of the shower was installed a couple of days after this picture was taken.

View of the bathroom vanity. Gray textured tile and burgundy cabinet under the sink.
Textured grey tile and burgundy cabinetry. Remodeling of the bathroom. 

View of the toilet of the renovated bathroom
New arrangement, new plumbling, new fixtures, new tiling.



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