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Home improvements: Chapter 3 - Entrance

Wise people will tell you 'never judge a cover by its book!' However, a cover that makes an impact on someone is bound to attract attention and possibly one may actually take the time to read it. Now, think of your habitat as a book. The house entrance is like a book cover. What does your entrance say about you, your habits, your style? Does it really reflect a side of you?

Image of two entrance doors in an old building with two bicycles parked in front.
Image by Chris Barbalis via usplash
Most people feel uneasy about an entrance that is too dark at night, or too "bare." It gives out the message that no one could be bothered with it or even worse it spells out "GO AWAY". That sounds a bit sad, doesn't it? If the entrance though, has a nice planter or two with some well attended plants, and/or an interesting umbrella stand - then the message that goes across is that the owner is friendly, perhaps environment conscious and used to having lots of guests over. Imagine an entrance with a work of art i.e. a miniature sculpture, that shows an owner who 's rather eccentric but none the less eclectic.

Entrances are our book covers. They should be easily accessible, well lit, and hopefully they should create a pleasant welcoming feeling, for all friends and guests. They also ought to be somewhat interesting. Afterall, we are interesting creatures.

Image of a dark green entrance door with flower pots around it.
Image by Chris Baarbalis via unsplash
For example, a door with a bright bold color i.e. bright red or turquoise can be a statement that stands out. Painting a wooden door to a bright color is a very inexpensive way to change an entrance's style. Adding color to the adjacent walls might do the trick. The addition of a decor ornament is another example of an inexpensive way to make an entrance more attractive. I still recollect the image of a hotel in Munich some 20 odd years later. It had a barometer on a wooden board hanging on the entrance's side wall that you could not miss. I thought that small detail made all the difference in the world. Needless to say, that I still remember the name of that hotel because its entrance made an impact on me. Adding planters at different heights and not necessarily in an orderly fashion,on the wall adjacent to an entrance door may create an greenery oasis effect. A unique mailbox, possibly hand-painted, or an antique knob can add that bit of a personal touch that enhances your entrance' style.

Image of a light blue entrance door with a black knocker.
Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin via unsplash
The bottom line is that home-improvements may be carried out one at a time. Think of them as small scale projects. Once, you set a list with the home-improvements you wish to do then, the next step is to prioritize them. Improving one's home entrance is usually not in one's top priorities but, none the less it is of some importance and just a few additions or alterations may make the difference. An entrance insinuates one's style. 

Now think of the entrance to a business premise. Obviously, the name of the business should be clearly stated somewhere, as well as the logo. The colors employed should also point out that this IS the way into the premise. Obviously again, they ought to complement the brand's colors. The lighting fixtures must be chosen with care as to create the proper accents without any glare effect. However, things like that although may seem obvious, are many times being overlooked. Needless to say that for a business enterprise, an entrance is of a great significance - it complement's the firm's image. The ultimate goal is to create a pleasing predisposition of the firm and its products/services before one even roams the premise. Let that image speak for itself...


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