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Home improvements

Summer is just around the corner. This is the season that we are all looking forward to - holidays, weekends away, traveling, swimming, cycling, hiking - basically anything one desires becomes a reality without second thoughts. This is also a great season, just before it gets too hot, to do some home improvements!

View of a sectional sofa (grey and pink) with a wooden coffee table in front and books, a mug and two small planters on top of them.
Image by Sophia Baboobal (86214) via unsplash

Undoubtdly, everyone has found onself in a dilemma about this or that modification in one's habitat. Some people like myself, find themselves caught in this turmoil constantly! The ultimate motivation behind home improvements should rely on one's own personal development and growth. It also reflects one's comfort zone broadening and may I even dare say "style awakening". 

Image by Cheryl Winn-Boujnida via unsplash

The goal is to make a home that is aesthetically pleasing and fulfulling, cozy and relaxing - basically, worry free. (I wonder if that day will ever come for me)! The rule of thumb is that a well designed home does not leave much room for home improvements later. However, there are those of us who live in a house that was once someone else's home and now it must become ours and despite one's efforts, it is still not quite there yet. If a stylish renovation or remodeling is beyond one's budget then, there is always room for home improvements. 

That is the most simple way to go easy on your wallet, create a more user friendly environment and naturally to highlight your style. Highlighting is the keyword in any type of home improvement. Your style can be highlighted by paying attention to the smallest details. For example, your kitchen/bathroom cabinets may seem to you somewhat indifferent. One solution is to simply change the knobs/handles. Do not replace the knobs with something indifferent. A knob to die for, is
the detail element that can make a huge impact on the way you and others perceive your cabinets.

Another example is that possibly your kitchen counter top looks worn out and old. One solution is to replace it with another with a different color and/or texture. I changed my original kitchen counter top last year (from a smooth whitish to a silverish steel-like with a rough feel to it). It was a bit fussy that one morning, but the outcome was well worth it. It feels like I have a new kitchen.

Be bold and add flow or texture in a room by creating accent walls with wallpaper, or paint some stripes on the walls or ceilings. New curtains or blinds may be in order. Perhaps, a room looks somewhat dark - consider your lighting. Maybe the room needs a new window. Introduce colorful planters and if you do not have any, then simply paint your old ones. If you do so, then why not add some geometrical shapes to them or keywords.

Hint: Be sure to rearrange your plants for a different feel! Remember, some plants grow faster than others and so it is likely that re-positioning them in a different rearrangement may work better for you.

The list of suggestions is endless. However, one thing is important to remember. Your style is strictly defined by the way you edit and highlight everything. So go on and have fun with it... In the next few weeks I will be posting some of my home improvements.



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