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Home improvements: Chapter 1 - Planters

Plain planters are sometimes indifferent. Painting them over with a "twist" will definitely give your planters a whole new look. I tried it last weekend with two of mine just for fun. 

Two metal baskets filled with flowers
Image by Annie Spratt via unsplash

A plain grey planter with basil just before its tiny "makeover"
Old planter of mine with a basil

Two planters of mine during the makeover, with masking tape, and paint colors
Just before I paint a charcoal grey stripe on the right planter

My planters with basil after the makeover sitting on the window ledge. The word "basil" has been written on them against a black striped background at the top of each planter
The final outcome!

The plan is to carry out a theme with the rest of my planters. So, I will be adding a stripe around each planter's perimeter and adding keywords. The word "basil" was a bit too obvious, but I will be using other keywords and phrases as well such as "summer buzz," "nostalgia" and "awesome." Needless to say that, the cost of such a makeover is less than 10 Euros and about half an hour of your spare time (including preparation setup, painting and cleaning up). 

Maybe if any of you enjoy painting then here's an idea for you: why not draw pictures or figure lines of your favorite plants on your planters instead. If an ethnic style works for you, go for some geometrical shapes in a pattern. Anything goes!

Have fun,


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