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Athens - the flirty muse

Athens skyline at sunset

Athens, named after the goddess Athena is located in the region of Attica with an exceptional regional-climate (also known as the Attica climate -- imagine 300 days/yr of sunshine). This is the city that flirts with all your senses. It is a loud, intriguing, yet, a laid-back city, with a "chaotic" skyline as one of its trademarks. It awakens some of your most primitive instincts and delivers a feast for culture-hungry eyes as myth and modern day realities clash.

It has plenty of cultural and historical attractions, theaters, bars, clubs, open air movie theaters, all sorts of gourmet restaurants and naturally, tavernas where one may savor traditional Greek delicacies. The great renowned night vibe will surely indulge any sort of mood. Do not be surprised if you find yourself in a 3 a.m. traffic jam. It comes with the territory; after all this is a city where one is always on the move.

In the streets of Plaka, downtown Athens
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What most people love about Athens though, is the fact that it stretches to the sea, making Piraeus its natural port. Almost any isle destination is within an easy reach proximity due to the many ferries from this port (Hydra, Spetses, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Crete, etc).

'Mikrolimano' in Piraeus

Moreover, Athens, is probably the only European capital with such an easy access to the seaside -- a sea that anyone may enjoy safely all year long (this capital is awarded the most "blue flags" by the way). Its suburbs form a lacy, sandy 75 mile (120km) coastline. Heading out to a beach even after a long day's work is probably a national past-time. During the summer months, these beaches are boasting with people who want to chill out and forget about their worries, especially now with the recession. Renting out a sailboat from any of the yacht marinas for a day trip, a weekend away or even a week's holiday to any of the Saronikos or Cyclades isles cannot be easier, while yacht chartering provides guests an enjoyable stay in luxury. Personally speaking, a sailboat trip over a three day weekend to Hydra - Spetses - Aegina is one of my most memorable holidays. It was an amazing experience.

A beach in Vouliagmeni (one of Athen's southern suburbs)

Check out the link below, if you want to learn more about this inspiring muse known as Athens:

The Matsuhisa Restaurant, in Vouliagmeni (one of Athen's southern suburbs)
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