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On site

Pouring concrete on site. Image taken from above.

At the present, Alkatech our sister firm, has undertaken a difficult yet, extremely interesting project. It concerns an existing commercial and office building (five floors high with three basement levels). This building had to be redesigned in such a way as to comply with the current legislation and building regulations.

After all the licensing was obtained, it is now being remodeled after its new design. The surface area of the basements is being downsized i.e. new walls to be built, the facades will “lose” their balconies and a multi-floor atrium is being created midst the floor plan. That means precise undisturbed concrete cutting is carried out for some concrete slabs and then these are removed with the use of a crane.

Image of a big red cutter slicing part of a balcony.
Undisturbed concrete cutting of a balcony
A concrete section has been cut and is now being removed by a crane. Image of concrete section up in the air while being removed.
Removing a cut concrete slab section
A concrete section being removed via a crane.
A cut concrete section


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