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Museum visit

Image of an old beacon housed in the Hellenic Maritime Museum
An old beacon

Last weekend we visited the Hellenic Maritime Museum. A visit like that is a treat! There are simply so many paintings, memorabilia, maps, logs, figurines, books and many more things to gaze at that a single visit is just not enough.

I have been many times before to this museum. This time though, I decided to take some photos of artefacts that I find inspiring and share them with you.

Oil painting by an unknown artist showing an old big cruising ship, dated 1915
Oil painting by unknown artist, dated 1915

statue of god Poseidon
god Poseidon
Navigation instruments on display: sextants
Nabigation instruments:  Sextants

If any of you find yourselves in this part of Peiraeus, do take the time to discover its treasures. It's all well worth it.



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